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Welcome to an up-to-date resource on photography that strikes a balance between the technical and the reasonable. Written from a photography perspective rather than a features and technical perspective, this website provides a reasonable balance on the subjects of cameras and technology. We also look closely at photographic technique. From time to time we respond to issues that have been raised in the media as well as developments in photography generally.

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This re design of Lenscraft Photography Australia has been prompted by lots more interest in less complicated discussions on important topics and latest news. We hope that you will enjoy the friendly, detailed yet easily understood comment.

Photography is about many things. Its about memories. Its about learning. Its about fun. Its about gear. It’s about getting images that we are happy with. In some ways its like golf – some days it all comes together and some days nothing works. But you are always back out there. You read, you try, you learn, you succeed and fail. And you wouldn’t give it up for anything.


What always surprises me is how many people think that this camera or that camera will make them a better photographer. It’s true that we can reach the limits of our gear and need to upgrade. Yet many of the upgrades in recent years have not been so significant. Not in terms of what really matters in photography anyway. Images taken in 2010 are sold as often as images taken recently and even when printed at 300 DPI in a full two page spread they look just as good as images from today’s high megapixel beasts. Let’s face it, the 20 megapixel mark really is excellent.

I have no intention of reviewing gear in a totally technical manner for the simple reason that resolution charts don’t really help us much as photographers. Dynamic range, usability, noise, speed and accuracy of focus, battery life and lens options are more useful.

Overall this is more of an easy site. This is more about sharing ideas and experiences. Its about why we keep going out there to take photos. And its about fun.

Experience. You can’t buy it. You have to earn it. It’s when you are shooting for commercial use that the pressure is on and you either succeed or fail. Gear either performs or it doesn’t. So here is a different approach. The experienced eye.