50mm Action Sony

Pre-Focussing To Get The Shot!

Many of the finest lenses available today are manual focus. So while we live in a world where autofocus is extremely important in a number of situations, there are many photographers who use manual focus lenses consistently. In fact if you look at some of the most highly regarded lenses available today, there are a significant number of manual focus lenses among them. Some would say that the best lenses available are manual focus. So learning to pre-focus is an extremely interesting skill. And one well worth learning.

Lenscraft Photography 50mm Manual Focus

It makes you slow down and think about what you are doing.

Lenscraft Photography 50mm Manual Focus

It really slows you down makes you think about what you’re doing with your photography. You have already set the shutter speed and aperture and focus point for the most part prior to walking into the situation. What you want is the rendition that the lens will give you so you have to set it up in advance. You have to become familiar with the focal length of your camera and what will and what will not be in focus at any given amateur.

Lenscraft Photography 50mm Manual Focus

You really have to learn your lens

Give it a try. It really is an important skill.

The following series of images were taken using the Mikaton manual focus 50 mm 0.95 aperture lens. Being manual focus and with such a precise focus point you really have to think very carefully about where to focus on what you want to achieve before walking into the situation.

Lenscraft Photography 50mm Manual Focus

I had a wonderful collection of roses in the rose garden from the Julia roses which provides a sort of coppery colour. Lovely plant.

There’s no need to let action put you off

I had taken some photographs using autofocus super sharp lenses and camera combinations before but I really wanted to challenge myself to see what I could take if I wish to pre-focus and set up the shutter speed and aperture in advance. I did use automatic ISO. But this was within a predefined limit because I’m not really a fan of noise. In any event it was a lot of fun. As you can see.