Well, it’s the end of 2019 and it’s time to reflect on the changing fortunes of the Nikon Z7 camera. Why do we now regard this as a top tier camera? Because we do. Our journey and Nikon is discussed below. As those of you who will have read some of the comments on thisContinue reading “NIKON Z7 IS EASILY A TOP TIER CAMERA”

The Z7 convinced me how good Sony is…

There has been a lot of hype about the Nikon Z series. Image quality is great. Focus speed isn’t usable for our photography. Even flowers blowing in the wind are problematic. . Landscapes and stills are a strength. But if it moves.. well don’t expect to track it well. And yes we’ve updated and willContinue reading “The Z7 convinced me how good Sony is…”

Another Look At Fairy Wrens

Fast Moving Birds Are A Challenge For an amazing experience that is sometimes frustrating try shooting fast-moving birds. The Blue Fairy Wren appears to live in a state of nervous agitation moving at considerable speed. Perhaps it’s just that they’re concerned about predators. After all, blue doesn’t really blend in well with green and someContinue reading “Another Look At Fairy Wrens”

Lets tell camera manufacturers what we want

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to carry a heavy camera around with you or do you want something light and easy to use? Do you want to carry lots of lenses around or do you want smaller lenses that cover a large focal range so that the whole thing is easyContinue reading “Lets tell camera manufacturers what we want”

Should I Pack the Nikon Z7? How we worked with this camera and got some good results.

Z SERIES. Nikon are really serious Let me say upfront that we are having a lot of fun with the Nikon Z7. But initially it was a real struggle. Something felt wrong. Once we understood that this is a reliable camera and played to its strengths.. we began to enjoy it. It’s never going toContinue reading “Should I Pack the Nikon Z7? How we worked with this camera and got some good results.”

Whale Ho!

Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to see whales at play.. And always pack a camera… There are some magical things to do in Western Australia. Whale watching is an experience that will just blow you away. There are many places around Western Australia where you can go to do whale watching. Whales migrate upContinue reading “Whale Ho!”