Well, it’s the end of 2019 and it’s time to reflect on the changing fortunes of the Nikon Z7 camera. Why do we now regard this as a top tier camera? Because we do. Our journey and Nikon is discussed below. As those of you who will have read some of the comments on thisContinue reading “NIKON Z7 IS EASILY A TOP TIER CAMERA”

Chatsworth House with Canon 5DS

Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is one of the jewels of the county with attractions in the garden and attractions in the house. You can use photographs taken at this venue for your own private use or in situations such asContinue reading “Chatsworth House with Canon 5DS”

Whale Ho!

Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to see whales at play.. And always pack a camera… There are some magical things to do in Western Australia. Whale watching is an experience that will just blow you away. There are many places around Western Australia where you can go to do whale watching. Whales migrate upContinue reading “Whale Ho!”

Micro Four Thirds

Micro Four Thirds Equipped Cameras are serious contenders and provide what photographers need. Click on this gallery below. Seriously I have yet to find anything in photography where a micro four thirds camera cannot equal or out perform Full Frame photography when using a max print size of A2 42cm x 59.4cm print size asContinue reading “Micro Four Thirds”

Why Nikon are spot on with the Z range. And where it misses.

The Nikon Z7 has been worth waiting for People waited with growing impatience. What for? For Nikon to come up with a genuine contender in the mirror-less race. And then they did it. They announced the Z range. And suddenly they hit a goal. And apart from the fact that the learning curve has stymiedContinue reading “Why Nikon are spot on with the Z range. And where it misses.”

Medium Format Full Frame or?

Over the last 20 years an ethos has been developing. The idea that larger sensors are better. They must be better. They are bigger.. bigger is better right? Right? Are you sure about that? We need to dump the notion that bigger megapixels equals better images. We need faster focussing and faster speed. 20 MegapixelsContinue reading “Medium Format Full Frame or?”