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When Will You Next Print An Image 1000mm Wide?

When did you last produce a print 1 m wide? Assuming that you ever produce prints and do not simply share things on social media or show them on your phone, most people produce prints that are approximately 150 mm wide not 1000 mm wide. But the question is an important one when it relates […]

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Defining The Perfect Camera

If you search through all of the reviews online looking for the ideal perfect camera then one thing is certain. YOU WONT FIND IT. Not in any technical sense. And if you do find one and claim that it is perfect you will be crushed under the voices of people who totally disagree with you. […]

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More Non-Arguments In Photography

In photography, there are a number of non arguments. That is, arguments that people have that simply are not valid because there is a lack of context when it comes to the nature of the discussion. JPEG or RAW? Why the discussion? One such argument is the question of whether JPEG is better than raw […]

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Firmware Challenges To Reviews

If you’re like me, you enjoy reading reviews and I thoroughly enjoy a good review. I’ve got favorite sites and I expect that you do as well.  I like some where they get into the real technical detail about the cameras. But the ones I really enjoy are those where perhaps there’s a little bit […]

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The Overlooked Part of the Photography System

We have come a long way since 2008 in terms of cameras and what they can do. But there is often a forgotten part of the photography Eco-system. We talk about cameras and lenses but we forget the very important part of the overall picture. Four Key Areas There are four aspects that have a […]

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The Photographer’s Perspective

The photographer’s perspective. You read through the magazine or the review on the site and immediately you start thinking about how your photography would improve if you had that camera or lens. But is it true? Do you really need all that gear and all those innovations? Will all those extra, often incremental improvements, really […]