The Overlooked Part of the Photography System

We have come a long way since 2008 in terms of cameras and what they can do. But there is often a forgotten part of the photography Eco-system. We talk about cameras and lenses but we forget the very important part of the overall picture. Four Key Areas There are four aspects that have aContinue reading “The Overlooked Part of the Photography System”

The Photographer’s Perspective

The photographer’s perspective. You read through the magazine or the review on the site and immediately you start thinking about how your photography would improve if you had that camera or lens. But is it true? Do you really need all that gear and all those innovations? Will all those extra, often incremental improvements, reallyContinue reading “The Photographer’s Perspective”

Another Look At Fairy Wrens

Fast Moving Birds Are A Challenge For an amazing experience that is sometimes frustrating try shooting fast-moving birds. The Blue Fairy Wren appears to live in a state of nervous agitation moving at considerable speed. Perhaps it’s just that they’re concerned about predators. After all, blue doesn’t really blend in well with green and someContinue reading “Another Look At Fairy Wrens”

Four of The Best Canon Lenses That You Can Buy!

Canon have an extremely good reputation when it comes to lenses. This reputation is well earned. They do make some extremely good lenses and it is one of the attractions of using Canon cameras. There are a bewildering array of lenses to choose from and you could easily find yourself wondering what would be theContinue reading “Four of The Best Canon Lenses That You Can Buy!”

Chatsworth House with Canon 5DS

Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House Canon 5DS Lenscraft Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is one of the jewels of the county with attractions in the garden and attractions in the house. You can use photographs taken at this venue for your own private use or in situations such asContinue reading “Chatsworth House with Canon 5DS”

Pinnacles With Canon 24-105L

If you are traveling with just one camera and one lens, what would you use? There are so many different choices. Some people prefer the 50 mm or 35mm prime. On this particular trip we were visiting the Pinnacles National Park or desert area which is 200 km north-west of Perth. You can now getContinue reading “Pinnacles With Canon 24-105L”