Exciting Yet Confusing

This update reflects changes in the photography community and changes as far as photography as a whole is concerned. Camera companies must be evaluating their future in the light of the wholesale switch to the mobile phone. We will be producing a post soon about the driving forces in photography and how the same forces have kept repeating themselves through the last 50 years.

Digital photography has well and truly come of age with more photos than ever being taken. The photo has become much more versatile. We don’t just take photos for special occasions. And we rarely produce prints. We use photos in shops as memory aids. We send photos to friends to ask their advice ‘should I buy this?’ ‘Would you like this?’ And of course we share aspects of our life journey on social media. (Or for some – sometimes fake it)

Great Colour But REAL?

The photography world has become more and more unreal. The skies aren’t that blue.. the grass not that green… and don’t get me started on sunsets!! Someone found the contrast and colour boost channels on a lot of those. Fake colour replaces good technique..

Reality is actually amazing. And those photographers who try to capture that and master the skill can make good money. Sometimes reality has such a quality about it that it makes people think. It tells a story or captures a moment. It is amazing. Real photos! They are needed. Don’t you just love it when someone captures the natural beauty in nature or the expression on an animal’s face. When you are able to use fast cameras that have the ability to track really well such as we begun to see more and more of now, it opens up a whole world that can be captured and seen. Let’s face it some moments last for such a short moment of time that we rarely see it because everything goes so fast. If you have been in a boat out looking at whales you realise how quickly you turn around to see the whales splashing down into the water and wish you had been pointing in that direction when the creature breached. You just don’t get that sort of time. We need cameras that focus quickly and give us a very quick results. We can have that if the camera companies would take a lead from the mobile phone companies and focus on immediacy and speed. That’s face it, we like convenience and we like speed and that is where photography needs to be.

But what a confusing mess photography is. Gear envy as a result of claims about cameras and sensors is very confusing and misleading. In the back of people’s mind they get the idea that ‘if they had that camera or lens.. they would take much better photos..’ And we are offered more and more megapixels with huge file sizes and we simply don’t have the computers that can process that sort of file size. Nor do we have printers that can print that number of colours nor do most of us have screens that can demonstrate that sort of colour range. It’s as if, to use an analogy, we all see in black-and-white and yet the camera companies are determined to sell us colour cameras. Here at Lenscraft Photography we feel strongly that the amateur photographer is sometimes being mislead with all of the focus on specs that aren’t always needed or necessarily accurate. We need cameras that can help us to see what we can see, not cameras that give us huge files and that clog our hard drives and that cost too much to own in the first place.

Real Colour And Natural Light Are So Much Better

Its time to slow down and understand the subject. Develop techniques and patience. And see great results.

So the journey begins. Drop me a line. And let’s see what we can do to keep things real together.

No filters just technique


Fun with water


Morning light

A few comments on lenscraft photography.  When we comment on equipment in these pages the comments are based on use in the field. They are never based on a single use or just a couple of days using the equipment. We try the equipment with at least two disciplines in photography and determine how it performs from there. Lenscraft Photography is a website devoted to photography and sharing experiences with equipment. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer. We have used equipment professionally from Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Minolta, Sony, Leica, Olympus, Hasselblad, Zeiss, Sigma, Pentax, Zenit, Bronica, Rollei & Kodak.

Some of these companies have been absorbed into others. Currently we regularly use equipment from Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Lumix Sony, & Hasselblad. [Plus lenses from Zeiss and Sigma]

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