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Nikon are on the right track

Elsewhere we have commented on why the Nikon Z7 is such an outstanding addition to the mirrorless camera options that are available. Our initial experience was with the adapter for original Nikon lenses and we had mixed experiences. We believe that the camera is outstanding and there is no doubt that it is going to find its place with an awful lot of professionals notwithstanding the fact that some of the early reviewers weren’t exactly thrilled with the focus of the camera. We aren’t overly thrilled but with the S series lenses we are getting better results. There’s always a learning curve and if we pick up some tricks we will update as we go.

It was the release of the S series lenses that really got our attention. They really are something else. Very sharp and very usable wide open. Yes we would like to see something around the F2 .8 together with the current 24 to 70 F4 lens as we do like a wider aperture but the fact is that that lens is an outstanding performer and if this is where the S series lenses are going [and especially coupled with the price point which is competitive] it makes this camera a very attractive option. On the blog post we indicated that we will be posting some pictures to show what the Nikon Z7 can do. Here are a few examples. These were taken with the S series 24 to 70 F4 lens.

In the following gallery look at the close ups drawn print size from the larger image.

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