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When Will You Next Print An Image 1000mm Wide?

When did you last produce a print 1 m wide? Assuming that you ever produce prints and do not simply share things on social media or show them on your phone, most people produce prints that are approximately 150 mm wide not 1000 mm wide. But the question is an important one when it relates […]

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Defining The Perfect Camera

If you search through all of the reviews online looking for the ideal perfect camera then one thing is certain. YOU WONT FIND IT. Not in any technical sense. And if you do find one and claim that it is perfect you will be crushed under the voices of people who totally disagree with you. […]

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A few more from Chatsworth

I posted a few images with the Chatsworth story. I did promise some more so here they are. Taken with the Canon 5DS with Canon L 28-300mm lens. It performed really well. Lets face it a zoom of that quality is really handy even if heavy. The inside shots were with the Sony A99 with […]

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Pinnacles With Canon 24-105L

If you are traveling with just one camera and one lens, what would you use? There are so many different choices. Some people prefer the 50 mm or 35mm prime. On this particular trip we were visiting the Pinnacles National Park or desert area which is 200 km north-west of Perth. You can now get […]

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Whale Ho!

Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to see whales at play.. And always pack a camera… There are some magical things to do in Western Australia. Whale watching is an experience that will just blow you away. There are many places around Western Australia where you can go to do whale watching. Whales migrate up […]